10 Products That’ll Help You Smell Better, Even in 95° Heat


I’ll admit it—I’m a very sweaty person. Maybe it’s because I’m fairly anxious 24/7, or it’s in the family genes, but I’ve grown up always worrying that I was going to be the smelly person in the room. Add summer heat and humidity to the mix and you have my worst nightmare. I’ve spent years trying out products that have kept my sweating problem at bay—from wearing prescription-strength deodorants to tucking panty liners in my armpits.  It wasn’t till I tried out a list of products from the “how to smell good” videos I kept seeing on TikTok that I truly felt like I was sensing a major difference. 

I’ve spent the past month testing out the products I’ve seen go viral for their ability to make you smell good, and the results have proven their power. Other people seem to agree, as the “you smell good” compliments have started to come in like never before. If I can do it, so can you. See the steps I took to smell (and feel) better.


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